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STIHL RT 4082 Ride-on Mower

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STIHL RT 4082 Ride-On Mower.

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  • 250l grass catcher box
  • Electromagnetic Blade Clutch for Simple Blade Activation
  • Spring loaded and adjustable seat
  • Single-pedal with forward/reverse drive


The STIHL RT 4082 is a highly maneuverable ride-on mower designed to deliver exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for those seeking efficiency and ease of use in maintaining their lawns. With its class-leading features and capabilities, this mower ensures a seamless mowing experience for both professional landscapers and homeowners.

Featuring a compact and agile design, the STIHL RT 4082 effortlessly navigates through various terrains and obstacles found in gardens and landscapes. Whether you encounter trees, bushes, or other hindrances, this mower’s exceptional maneuverability allows you to easily steer around them, ensuring a precise and neat cut in every pass. Its compact size and nimble handling make it well-suited for gardens with narrow access points, providing flexibility and ease of operation.

One of the key advantages of the RT 4082 is its efficiency in covering large areas. With its powerful engine and wide cutting deck, this ride-on mower enables you to complete your mowing tasks with speed and convenience. The mower’s simplified operations and intuitive controls make it user-friendly and accessible to all, reducing the learning curve typically associated with ride-on mowers.

Choosing the STIHL RT 4082 means choosing exceptional results without the stress and effort often associated with maintaining extensive lawns. This ride-on mower combines reliability, durability, and ease of use to become an invaluable tool in your lawn care arsenal. Its cutting-edge features and robust performance ensure that your mowing tasks are accomplished effortlessly and efficiently.

Whether you have a large lawn to maintain or need to navigate tight spaces, the agile STIHL ride-on mower is up to the task. Its class-leading performance, combined with its simple operations, allows you to achieve efficient and precise mowing, saving you time and energy. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of effortless lawn care with the highly maneuverable STIHL RT 4082 ride-on mower.


Cutting Width80cm
Cutting Height35-90mm
Engine TypeSTIHL EVC 4000