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STIHL RT 6127 ZL Ride-on Petrol Lawn Mower

SKU: ST-RT6127ZLBrand: Stihl

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The RT 6127 ZL petrol ride-on lawn mower is a high-performance mower with the widest cutting width available from STIHL, for ultimate cutting edge.

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  • 125cm (49") cutting width with 2 blade operating system
  • Trailer hitch capability
  • Large 350 litre capacity grass collector with bow handle
  • Single pedal drive
  • Collection and side discharge functions
  • 9 litre capacity engine
  • Catching management system
  • Electromagnetic blade clutch
  • LCD display dashboard
  • Cruise control function
  • 5 year extended domestic warranty*


The STIHL RT 6127 ZL ride-on mower is a powerful and precise tool for mowing large lawns. It allows you to work with power and precision on lawns. Moreover, the driving comfort and controls of the lawn tractor ensure that mowing remains time-saving and effortless for you.

One noteworthy feature of this mower is its large cutting width, which aids in covering more ground in less time. Additionally, the synchronous mowing deck guarantees smooth cooperation among the blades, resulting in consistent cutting quality. You can easily adjust the cutting height through the intuitively designed control panel, which offers ergonomic functionality.

To maintain control while mowing, the mower incorporates a high-contrast LCD display. This display provides all the essential functions of the ride-on mower, enabling you to monitor and adjust settings as necessary. Moreover, the cruise control function permits controlled and fatigue-free driving, ensuring a steady pace.

Operating the mower is convenient and straightforward due to the controls located on the control panel. The electromagnetic blade clutch facilitates easy activation or deactivation of the mowing deck. Furthermore, the catching management system optimizes the gathering of grass blades across the entire cutting width of the machine, ensuring efficient grass collection.

For precise maneuvering, the mower boasts a single-pedal self-propulsion system. This system enhances your control over the lawn tractor by allowing efficient changes in driving direction, from forward to reverse gear.

Emptying the 350-liter grass catcher box is effortless thanks to the practical bow handle. It can be operated from the driver’s seat, saving you time and effort. Additionally, cleaning the grass catcher box is a simple task, as it is made of plastic and designed in a “dumper” style.

In terms of driving and handling characteristics, the RT 6127 ZL delivers superior performance. The small turning circle makes mowing easy and highly efficient, allowing for easy navigation around obstacles. Moreover, switching between forward and reverse drive is achieved through a simple hand lever, offering convenience and ease of use.

To power the mower, it’s equipped with a 2-cylinder engine, which delivers reliable and efficient performance. With all these features and benefits, the STIHL RT 6127 ZL ride-on mower is an excellent choice for individuals seeking power, precision, and ease of use for their lawn mowing requirements.


Engine Displacement764cc
Power Output14.7kW
Power TypePetrol
Drive MethodSelf-propelled
Fuel Tank Capacity9L
Cutting Width49.2" (125cm)
Cutting Height30-110mm (8 positions)
Cutting MethodMulch, Collect
Collector Capacity350L
Garden Size10000m2
Noise Level Db(a)105 DB(A)