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The STIHL HSA 130 R is a cordless hedge trimmer with a 24″ cutting blade, providing a versatile solution for maintaining hedges and shrubs. This hedge trimmer is part of the STIHL AP System, utilizing a powerful 36-volt lithium-ion battery for efficient and cable-free operation.

Key features of the STIHL HSA 130 R include:

1. Powerful Performance: The hedge trimmer is designed to deliver high-performance cutting for various hedge types. The combination of a sharp blade and a powerful motor ensures effective and precise trimming.

2. Cordless Convenience: As a part of the cordless AP System, the HSA 130 R offers the convenience of operating without the restriction of cords. This enhances maneuverability and allows users to trim hedges in areas without access to power outlets.

3. 24″ Cutting Blade: The hedge trimmer features a 24-inch cutting blade, suitable for trimming medium to large-sized hedges with ease.

4. Battery Compatibility: The HSA 130 R is compatible with STIHL’s AP Series batteries, providing users with the flexibility to use the same battery across multiple tools in the AP System.

5. Safety Features: The hedge trimmer is designed with safety in mind. It includes features such as a tip protector to help prevent damage to the blade and surrounding areas.

6. Quiet Operation: Being battery-powered, the HSA 130 R operates quietly, reducing noise levels and providing a more pleasant working environment.

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