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Joules Blue Cloud Printed Roll Up Flexible Junior Wellies

SKU: JO-214810BCBrand: Joules

£24.95 inc. VAT

The Joules Roll Up Flexible Junior Wellies are made using natural, flexible and lightweight rubber, so they can be rolled up and down for easy carrying or packing.

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  • Roll up wellies for easy carrying/packing
  • Fully waterproof
  • Made from hardwearing natural rubber
  • Lightweight, flexible rubber for easy rolling
  • Water dispersing outsole for better grip with the ground
  • Hand-drawn print
  • Measuring tape and reflective strip detailing to the back
  • Removable insoles
  • Wipe-clean construction


The Joules Roll Up Flexible Junior Wellies are a fantastic choice for children, designed with their convenience and comfort in mind. Crafted from natural, flexible, and lightweight rubber, these wellies offer a unique feature that sets them apart from traditional rain boots – they can be rolled up and down for easy carrying or packing. This innovative design allows kids to store their wellies compactly when not in use, making them ideal for travel or outdoor adventures.

One crucial aspect of any wellie is its ability to provide reliable grip, especially on wet surfaces. The Joules Roll Up Flexible Junior Wellies excel in this area. Equipped with a water-dispersing outsole, these wellies actively push water outwards, allowing the foot to maintain better contact with the ground. This enhanced grip ensures that children can confidently navigate through muddy puddles or slippery terrains without the fear of losing their footing.

In addition to their practical design, these wellies are also easy to maintain. They feature an easy wipe-clean construction, enabling quick and effortless cleaning after muddy escapades. Moreover, the insoles of the wellies are removable, allowing for easy washing or replacement whenever necessary. This feature ensures that the wellies can be kept fresh and comfortable for extended periods, even with regular use.

Overall, the Joules Roll Up Flexible Junior Wellies combine functionality, durability, and style to provide a superior footwear option for children. With their natural rubber composition, flexible design, excellent grip, and easy maintenance features, these wellies are a reliable companion for rainy days, outdoor play, and family adventures. Whether it’s a camping trip or a visit to the local park, these wellies are sure to keep little feet dry, comfortable, and ready for any weather condition.