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Torne Valley Shooting and Multi Use Work Glove

SKU: CG106

£3.95 inc. VAT

Fantastic Shooting Glove perfect for any type of shooting or even as a multi use work glove in the yard or the garden thanks to it’s tough and grippy exterior.

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  • Grippy palm
  • Adjustable Velcro fastener
  • Breathable and tough exterior


This fantastic pair of Shooting and Multi purpose gloves are perfect for any task you can throw at it be it down at the clay ground, out in the work yard or even in the garden. Their tough exterior is both breathable and elastic making sure your hands stay cool with a perfect fit. The gloves fasten to your wrist with Velcro and make it easy to be taken on and off while making sure they’re snug and not likely to roll off the hand. The palm is finished with a grippy material to provide extra traction to the user.