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STIHL SHA 56 Cordless Vacuum Shredder (Shell Only)


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STIHL SHA 56 Vacuum Shredder

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STIHL SHA 56 is STIHLs first ever shredder, marking a new era in lawn and garden care. To buy the full kit please click here.

Tailored for homeowners, this vacuum shredder offers a quieter, lighter, and more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and electric machines. Its power source? STIHL’s versatile interchangeable AK battery system.

It offers efficient garden cleanup. With its sizable collection bag seamlessly attached to the suction tube, the vacuum shredder efficiently gathers and contains compacted leaves and garden debris, simplifying disposal. Added user comfort is provided by an extra front handle and a padded harness, ensuring a pleasant experience during vacuum shredding.

It is a Practical 2-in-1 Machine. This versatile unit easily transforms into a blower mode without the need for additional tools. Equipped with a round nozzle and adjustable blower tube, it effortlessly gathers leaves and debris into tidy piles. A rotatable handle, complete with a variable speed trigger, ensures ergonomic comfort in both operating modes.

You can choose your purchase path. To operate the SHA 56, you’ll need at least one battery and a charger. The beauty of the interchangeable AK System is that you may already possess a compatible battery and charger. In such cases, you can opt for the cost-effective ‘shell only’ option, which excludes batteries and chargers. Otherwise, you can acquire them separately or conveniently bundled together in a kit. The choice is yours.