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Stihl HSA 100 Cordless Hedge Trimmer 24 Inch

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 100 Cordless Hedge Trimmer 24 Inch

Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Body Only)

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STIHL AP 200 Battery

The AP 200 provides excellent run times in STIHL's range of AP tools.

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STIHL AL 301 Quick-Charger

A quick battery charger for the STIHL AK and AS Battery system.

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Experience the prowess of the Stihl HSA 100 Cordless Hedge Trimmer, a dynamic tool equipped with a 60 cm / 24? cutting blade and a versatile rotating handle. This trimmer embodies a comprehensive set of standard features designed to elevate your hedge trimming endeavors. Its double-sided cutting blades offer dual cutting directions?vertical and horizontal?amplifying its cutting potential. The blades boast an ample tooth spacing that facilitates the pruning of thicker branches, while the 33? cutting angle ensures exceptional performance. Ingeniously crafted blade teeth geometry empowers the trimmer to masterfully cut twigs up to 8 mm wide. Furthermore, the inclusion of tip protection safeguards the blade, gear, and nearby objects against accidental damage.

The HSA 100 proudly showcases an optimized cut protection system, harmoniously accompanied by a swiveling multi-function handle. This handle grants a remarkable 90? rotation to both the left and right, enabling the attainment of the most advantageous cutting position. The user-centric two-handed design simplifies startup by activating the loop handle and rear handle switches in tandem. Precision cutting is at your fingertips, thanks to the seamlessly adjustable cutting speed facilitated by the rear control, perfect for exacting and meticulous trims.

Benefiting from the high-efficiency STIHL electric motor (EC), this trimmer embodies traits of energy thriftiness, lightweight finesse, and compact dimensions. These attributes collectively contribute to a hushed operation, minimal vibrations, and the liberation from routine maintenance. The trimmers showcase an effective anti-vibration system, designed to diminish handle vibrations. Moreover, the inclusion of a hanging loop ensures secure storage, while a protective sheath shields the cutting blade during transport. The trimmer’s functional design, adorned with smooth surfaces and rounded contours, precludes any entanglement with branches.

Elegantly offered with a 24-inch blade, this cordless hedge trimmer stands as a symbol of power and freedom. The double-sided blades offer unparalleled versatility for both vertical and horizontal cuts, embracing thicker branches with their wide tooth spacing and deft 33? cutting angle. With a tip protector in place, the trimmer’s integrity is upheld while handling diverse tasks. The swiveling handle, an embodiment of ergonomic innovation, allows for optimal cutting posture. Bolstered by an energy-efficient, lightweight, and compact motor, this trimmer transforms the act of pruning thick branches into a seamless and efficient endeavor. Accompanied by a 2-year warranty (applicable in domestic settings), the Stihl HSA 100 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a testament to performance, durability, and reliability.