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STIHL BGA 60 Compact Leaf Blower

From: £149.00 inc. VAT

STIHL BGA 60 Compact Leaf Blower


Cordless Compact Leaf Blower BGA 60

£149.00 inc. VAT

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STIHL AK 30 Cordless Battery

Compact cordless battery recommended for use with the MSA 140 C-B.

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The STIHL AL 101 is the perfect charger for the AK and AP battery ranges.

STIHL AK 20 Cordless Battery

Compact cordless battery recommended for use in the FSA 57, HSA 56 or any AK system tool.

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The BGA 60, designed for homeowners with medium to large gardens, delivers potent cordless blowing capabilities. This leaf blower boasts an adjustable blowing force, enabling you to tailor its power to your clearing needs. When set to Boost mode, the BGA 60 offers a remarkable 60% more blowing power compared to its predecessor, the BGA 57.

What sets the BGA 60 apart is its tool-free adjustable blower tube, which can extend by up to 16 cm. Notably, this tube is fortified with a protective metal ring around the nozzle, guarding against wear and tear should it inadvertently contact the ground while clearing leaves. Equipped with a robust EC engine, this blower stands as the ideal choice for home gardeners seeking to tackle substantial leaf-clearing tasks.

Furthermore, the BGA 60 boasts compatibility with the STIHL Smart Connector, conveniently featuring a designated slot for the connector’s attachment. When paired with the recommended AK 30 battery, it offers a working time of up to 16 minutes.

This individual tool is sold without a battery and charger, making it a powerful cordless blower suitable for domestic users with medium to large gardens. Its adjustable blowing tube, fortified with a protective metal ring, allows for quick and efficient surface cleaning of leaves and debris. It’s also designed for use in noise-sensitive areas and is compatible with any AK System battery and charger.