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Spillers Ulca Fibre 20KG

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Spillers Ulca Fibre for Race, Competition & Leisure Horses

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Introducing Spillers Ulca Fibre, an ultra-low starch, low sugar feed specifically designed for horses and ponies that are prone to gastric ulcers or require a low starch diet. This feed contains soft chopped alfalfa to extend eating time and provide a natural buffer to stomach acid, promoting better digestion.

Packed with high-quality ingredients, this feed is an excellent source of slow-release energy, ensuring your horse maintains optimum condition and performance. Its richness in vitamin E serves as a crucial antioxidant to support immune and muscle health, while the inclusion of lysine aids in muscle development and performance.

Furthermore, Spillers Ulca Fibre comes with a complete range of added vitamins and minerals, including chelated copper, zinc, and manganese, which enhance absorption and promote overall well-being.

Versatility is a key feature of this feed, as it can be fed on its own or used in conjunction with a suitable low starch compound feed like Spillers Ulca Power Cubes. This makes it suitable for various equine needs, including Racehorses, Competition Horses, and Leisure Horses.

Choose Spillers Ulca Fibre to ensure your horse gets the nutrition it deserves, allowing them to perform at their best while maintaining digestive health and overall vitality.