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Indulge your dog with Skinner’s Grain-Free Wet Dog Food, a nutritionally complete option crafted with real chicken and root vegetables. Ideal for dogs with intolerances, this grain-free formula supports light work and overall health.

With a heritage brand that boasts 50 years of expertise in making working dog food, Skinner’s ensures loyalty, trust, and quality based on deep-rooted family values. The wet dog food is nutritionally balanced and complete, suitable for standalone feeding or as a kibble topper.

Skinner’s commitment to natural ingredients shines through, as there are no artificial colorings, flavors, or preservatives added. The eco-friendly packaging, made from 70% FSC paperboard, minimizes plastic waste, reduces the carbon footprint, and keeps the food fresh for longer. Choose Skinner’s for a delicious and conscientious feeding choice for your furry friend. “Packaging may vary.”