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Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads – 14 Pack

SKU: 39000Brand: Simple Solution

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The perfect puppy pads for training your puppy! Super absorbent and leakproof.

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  • Now 100% more absorbent - holds 10 times more liquid than standard economy pads
  • Accelerates training time by encouraging instinctive elimination
  • Guards against odours by inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms
  • Absorbent core draws in wetness to prevent messy tracking
  • 5-layer construction traps more urine for repeat use or larger pets


    Housebreaking a new puppy can be a challenge. Fortunately, gone are the days of paper training with messy newspapers. Today, training is a lot cleaner and easier with Simple Solution Puppy training pads. Each pad is super absorbent and is made with a plastic backing to protect your floors and carpets. In addition, the pads are scientifically treated with an attractant to encourage your pet to the pad. Features

    • Maximum urine retention – Super absorbent, holds up to 6 cups/1.4L
    • Neutralizes Odours – Specially designed materials lock in odours
    • 3 Step Attractant Process – Entice, Engage and encourage
    • Prevents Leaking – Advanced polymer technology converts liquid to a gel and locks in moisture
    • Quick Drying – Embossed quilt pattern traps urine and directs moisture down
    • Anti-Tracking – Absorbent core draws wetness to prevent messy tracking
    • Extended Use – Six-Layer construction traps more urine for repeat use or large breed dogs
    • Wetness indicator – TEal backing layer becomes instantly visible to highlight pad is wet