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Scruffs Thermal Blanket

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Grey Dog Blanket

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Introducing the innovative Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating dog blanket, equipped with the same proven technology as Scruffs Thermal coats, to provide unparalleled warmth for your furry companion on chilly winter evenings. The design incorporates a foam layer with a luminous foil backing, cleverly reflecting your pet’s body heat to keep them cozy and snug.

Inside the blanket, a quilted hollow fibre layer creates a barrier of warm air around your pet, offering additional insulation and ultimate comfort. Versatile and practical, the Scruffs Thermal blanket can be used on its own, added to an existing pet bed, or placed inside a pet carrier, ensuring your pet’s warmth and comfort wherever they rest.

Ensure your furry friend stays toasty and content with the innovative Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating dog blanket, perfect for chilly nights and providing an extra layer of comfort they’ll love.