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Scruffs Noodle Dry Dog Mat

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Scruffs? Noodle Dry Mat for Dogs

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Introducing Scruffs? Noodle Dry Mat:
Experience the ultimate in absorbency with Scruffs? Noodle Dry Mat, designed to swiftly soak up excess moisture and help your dogs’ coats dry rapidly after those wet and muddy outdoor adventures.

The secret behind its remarkable performance lies in the innovative use of micro-fibre chenille to create the mat’s unique ‘noodles.’ These micro-fibre noodles consist of countless textured, ultrafine strands intricately woven together, resulting in a surface area much larger than the mat’s actual size. This ingenious design gives the dry mat exceptional super-absorbent qualities, effectively functioning like a sponge to quickly absorb water. Furthermore, it enhances airflow, significantly reducing drying time.

The plush 25mm long chenille noodles not only contribute to its absorbency but also provide a cozy and comfortable surface for your furry friend to rest on. Additionally, the mat is equipped with a non-skid surface on the underside, ensuring stability and making it ideal for use in cars, dog crates, or anywhere around your home.

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to suit your preferences and complement your living space. Scruffs? Noodle Dry Mat is the ultimate solution for keeping your canine companion dry, comfortable, and happy no matter the weather.

We will choose a surprise colour! If you have a preference please let us know in the notes, the options are: grey, dark grey & brown.