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Ryton Mixed Poultry Corn 5KG

SKU: PC05Brand: Ryton

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A high-quality mixed corn poultry feed with a 50/50 wheat and kibbled maize mix.

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  • A 50/50 mix of wheat and kibbled maize
  • Clean and reliable feed
  • Made with kibbled French maize
  • Non GM
  • Made in the UK


Ryton Mixed Poultry Corn is one of our best-selling poultry feeds. It has been fully made with UK Wheat and Kibbled French Maize and it can be considered a non-GM feed. Ryton Mixed Poultry Corn resists the trend to use more wheat and less maize by providing a 50/50 mix of Wheat and Kibbled Maize. This helps to provide a top-quality, clean and reliable feed.