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Reflective Dog Coat

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The Animate Reflective High-Viz Padded Harness Coat redefines comfort and style for your furry friend during those chilly autumn and winter strolls. Your beloved pooch deserves nothing but the best, and this cozy padded coat guarantees their warmth and contentment.

This exceptional coat is thoughtfully designed, featuring an adjustable waterproof zipper and generous Velcro straps for a secure and customizable fit. Crafted with Animate’s renowned 600D waterproof material, it offers the utmost protection against the elements, making it the ideal attire for your furry companion in the colder seasons.

As a pet parent, you can stride with confidence knowing that your dog is not only comfortable but also safe during your outdoor adventures. The high-visibility fabric ensures you’ll have excellent sight of your pet’s whereabouts, whether you embark on early morning excursions or late-night walks. With the Animate Reflective High-Viz Padded Harness Coat, every outing is a splendid experience for both you and your four-legged companion.