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Noodle Drying Towel

SKU: 9391Brand: Scruffs

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Noodle Drying Towel for Dogs

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Introducing the Scruffs? Noodle Dog Drying Towel, a highly absorbent essential for your furry companion. After a wet and muddy walk, this towel works wonders, effortlessly soaking up excess moisture and swiftly drying your dog’s coat. It comes in a variety of colours; burgundy and charcoal grey.

The secret lies in the micro-fibre chenille used to create the ‘noodles’ of the towel. These noodles consist of millions of textured, ultrafine strands cleverly woven together, resulting in a significantly larger surface area than the towel’s actual size.

This vast surface area grants the towel its incredible super-absorbent properties, functioning like a sponge to quickly absorb water. Moreover, it enhances airflow, significantly reducing drying time.

Available in other colors, this burgundy microfiber dog towel provides both practicality and style for your furry friend. Say goodbye to dampness and embrace a quicker and more efficient drying process with the Scruffs? Noodle Drying Towel.