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Hy-Gard is a high-quality lubricant designed to meet and exceed John Deere equipment standards, particularly for hydraulics and transmissions. Here are some key features and applications of Hy-Gard oil:

1. Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO): Hy-Gard is classified as a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil, indicating its versatility for use in various agricultural and turf equipment.

2. Protects Hydraulics and Transmissions: The primary function of Hy-Gard oil is to protect hydraulics and transmissions in John Deere equipment. It is formulated to ensure smooth performance under a wide range of operating conditions.

3. Immersed “Wet” Brakes: Hy-Gard is suitable for transmissions and differential units equipped with immersed “wet” brakes. This is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of these components.

4. Gearboxes with Hydraulic Brakes: It is recommended for use in gearboxes that have hydraulic brakes. The oil’s properties contribute to the proper functioning of these systems.

5. Gearboxes with Hydraulic-Derived Systems: Hy-Gard is also designed for gearboxes equipped with hydraulic-derived systems. This includes various hydraulic components within the gearbox.

6. Hydraulic Transmissions: The oil is well-suited for hydraulic transmissions, ensuring that hydraulic systems within the equipment operate smoothly and efficiently.

It’s important to adhere to John Deere’s recommendations and guidelines regarding oil change intervals, maintenance practices, and compatibility with specific equipment models. Regular maintenance and the use of quality lubricants like Hy-Gard contribute to the longevity and efficiency of agricultural and turf equipment.