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Jefferson Automatic Welding Grinding Helmet JEFWELHT4G

SKU: KIT-JEFWELHT4GBrand: Jefferson

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An auto-darkening welding & grinding helmet from Jefferson Tools ideal for MIG and TIG welding applications.

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  • Independent controls for shade\, sensitivity\, grinding and delay
  • Exceptional battery life - up to 5000 working hours
  • Includes replaceable cover lenses
  • Lightweight and well-balanced design
  • Fully adjustable headgear for comfort and safety
  • 2 independent arc sensors
  • Lens darkening reaction: 1/15000 secs
  • Variable shade: 9-13 variable sensitivity
  • Ideal for MIG and TIG welding - TIG rating = 10A


The Jefferson JEFWELHT4G is an Automatic Welding & Grinding Helmet which features solar-powered UR/IR Protection and a grinding mode. The helmet is fully adjustable, lightweight and well balanced for increased comfort and safety. There are 2 independent arc sensors, independent controls for shade, sensitivity, riding and delay and includes replaceable cover lenses. The battery life of this helmet is also exceptionally long, coming in at 5000 working hours.