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Husqvarna LC142iS Mower with B140 Battery + C80 Charger


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Husqvarna LC142iS Mower with B140 Battery + C80 Charger

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Introducing the Husqvarna LC 142iS self-propelled battery lawn mower kit, a compact, lightweight, and exceptionally user-friendly solution. The kit comes with a B140 Battery and C80 Charger.

This mower delivers a seamless mowing experience with its simple operation ? just push the bail and start mowing to achieve smooth and swift results.

The LC 142iS is the perfect choice for small to medium-sized gardens or for tackling intricate areas. This electric cordless lawn mower incorporates the SavE? mode, enhancing cutting efficiency while conserving energy. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with our 36V battery system.

Equipped with a self-propelled, single-speed drive system, the LC 142iS effortlessly covers a working area capacity of 500 m? (approximately 5,380 square feet) with its 42 cm (about 16.5 inches) cutting width.

Comfort and ease of use are paramount with its ergonomic handle, front and rear lifting handles, and central cutting height adjustment. After completing your mowing tasks, the foldable handle simplifies storage and takes up minimal space in your shed or garage.

You can confidently operate the LC 142iS without disturbing the tranquility of your outdoor space or neighbors, thanks to its quiet operation. When you require extra cutting power, the Power Boost feature is at your disposal, ensuring efficient mowing even on challenging terrain. Conversely, the Power-Conserving savE? Mode extends battery life without compromising performance.

Starting this mower is effortless, as it boasts an easy start mechanism that eliminates the hassles of pull cords or complicated starting procedures.

One remarkable advantage of the LC 142iS is its ability to fold almost completely flat, optimizing storage space usage. Furthermore, it’s an environmentally conscious choice, producing low carbon emissions and making it an eco-friendly option for lawn care.

In summary, the Husqvarna LC 142iS self-propelled battery lawn mower kit offers a compact, quiet, and lightweight solution for effortless lawn maintenance. With its ergonomic design, central cutting height adjustment, foldable handle, self-propelled drive system, quiet operation, Power Boost feature, energy-saving savE? Mode, easy start, compact storage capability, low carbon emissions, and compatibility with our 36V battery system, it’s a versatile and environmentally friendly choice for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional mowers and elevate your lawn care game with the LC 142iS.