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Henry Waterproof Dog Coat

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The Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat is your canine companion’s ticket to extended outdoor adventures, allowing pet owners to revel in more time spent together while effortlessly minimizing the aftermath of dirt and water, whether in the car or upon returning home. This thoughtfully designed coat is not just a fashion statement but a functional essential, prioritizing the dryness and warmth of your furry friend during every outdoor escapade.

Crafted with the utmost precision, the coat features a layer of insulation filling that acts as a reliable barrier against the cold, ensuring that your dog remains snug and cozy during all your outdoor pursuits. The incorporation of Hydro-Comfort technology in the materials elevates the coat’s functionality by making it both breathable and waterproof. This ensures maximum comfort for your dog, allowing them to enjoy their adventures without any discomfort.

The contemporary color combinations and detailed stitching of this coat go beyond mere aesthetics ? they define a new standard for canine style. Waterproof, breathable, and insulated, the coat provides a trifecta of comfort that is essential for your pet’s well-being. The addition of a chest panel enhances weather protection, complemented by a robust waist webbing strap adorned with reflective stitching for added visibility.

The adjustable collar ensures a snug fit, catering to the unique size and shape of your dog. An elastic head hole is thoughtfully incorporated to accommodate broad-headed breeds, ensuring that dressing your dog is a hassle-free experience. Elastic leg straps are strategically placed to guarantee that the coat stays securely in position, no matter how active your furry friend gets during their outdoor escapades.

Practicality meets style with features like a lead and harness access slot, complete with a protective flap cover. The addition of a reflective stripe along the side of the coat enhances nighttime visibility, adding an extra layer of safety during evening strolls.

In essence, the Henry Wag Waterproof Dog Coat is more than just a garment; it’s a statement of commitment to your pet’s comfort, style, and safety. Step into the world of hassle-free outdoor adventures with your dog, where every detail of this coat is designed to enhance the joy of your shared experiences.

Sizes are as follows: S (40cm), M (45cm), L (55cm), XL (65cm)