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SIP propane (LPG) heaters stand out as excellent choices for heating large spaces such as factories, warehouses, garages, and workshops, providing a cost-effective and cleaner alternative to diesel heaters. The stainless steel combustion chamber and casing effectively eliminate rusting, ensuring durability, while the heavy-duty construction guarantees reliable and long-term use.

Designed exclusively for use with propane, these heaters boast a lightweight and compact design, making them easily portable for flexible placement. The package includes a gas hose and propane regulator for added convenience. With automatic gas shut-off and a leading Piezo ignition system, these heaters prioritize safety and user-friendly operation. The turbo fan assistance further enhances the heating efficiency, ensuring even distribution of warmth throughout the space.

Operable at a voltage of 230V and 50Hz, SIP propane heaters offer a versatile and powerful heating solution for various industrial and commercial settings.