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GROWMOOR Easy Gro+ Potters Compost 60L

SKU: COMP-GMEASY60Brand: Growmoor

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High-quality and nutrient rich compost.

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GROWMOOR fantastic and extremely popular multi-purpose compost just got a whole lot better. Easy GRO+ Potters compost is a professional grade peat with a 4 month feed plus Fertiliser, LECA and Perlite which not only improve drainage and retain water but promote vigorous growth. In addition to this they also help to insulate plant roots during frost. There is no other explanation, it’s simply magic! Easy Gro+ Potters compost is made from professional grade compost and has a recipe designed to produce excellent all round results. The compost has a 4-month feed with vital nutrients, trace elements and a wetting agent added to make sure the compost absorbs water easily.