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SKU: SI-09594Brand: SIP

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Introducing the SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater – a reliable and powerful heating solution for versatile applications. With a substantial heating output of 140,000 BTU/hr, this portable space heater is designed to provide direct heat efficiently. It operates on diesel, paraffin, or kerosene, offering flexibility in fuel options.

The SIP Fireball XD140 is built to cover a large heating area of approximately 1050m³, making it suitable for various environments, from workshops to garages. Its heavy-duty air pump ensures a consistent and reliable performance, while the powder-coated stainless-steel components contribute to its robust construction and durability.

This space heater is crafted for portability and convenience, allowing you to bring efficient heating wherever it’s needed. Whether you’re tackling a chilly workshop or requiring heat for specific tasks, the SIP Fireball XD140 is up to the challenge.

Upgrade your heating solutions with the SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater – a powerful and versatile tool designed for efficiency and durability.