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Fibre-Beet 20KG

SKU: MMF012Brand: British Horse Feeds

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Fibre-Beet is a soakable combination of Speedi-Beet, Alfalfa and other fibres.

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  • Those requiring additional calories from highly digestible fibre
  • Horses needing forage alternatives in the stable or field
  • Those needing to gain condition
  • Controlling starch or sugar intake


Fibre-Beet is a conditioning feed with a carefully formulated combination of Speedi-Beet and alfalfa supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium.Research has shown that combining the soluble ?superfibres? of sugar beet pulp with cellulose, provided here by alfalfa and oat feed, improves the digestibility of the alfalfa. This makes Fibre-Beet an ideal accompaniment to a balancer, mix or cube for horses who require additional calories and quality protein, for condition and top line, from a non-heating, slow release source. Fibre-Beet is particularly useful for performance horse, especially those who consume reduced amounts of forage, as it can increase fibre intake without the ?bulk? of hay or haylage. When soaked, it is ideal for feeding to endurance horses at vet gates, or to eventers after cross country, to encourage fluid consumption and aid rehydration, especially when electrolytes are added.Highly palatable and digestible conditioning fibre feedNon-heating slow-release energyContains super fibre feed ? Speedi-BeetLow in starch and sugar (Only 5% Sugar, 3% Starch)Added alfalfa for optimum condition and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function.Optimum Biotin levels for hooves and coatCan be used to supplement poor forage/grazingQuick soaking for natural wet feedingIdeal for veterans and horses with poor teethNon-GM, no additives, or preservativesGood source of organic calcium for bone strengthAids hydrationSuitable for equines prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced dietIdeal for horses & ponies prone to laminitis