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Equine America Pro-Pell Plus Solution 1L

SKU: EA-0175Brand: Equine America

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NAF Love the Skin D-Itch Skin Spray. A palatable daily supplement designed to support digestive health in all horses and ponies. Contains pre and probiotic yeas

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The Equine America Propell Plus is a high specification, a general-purpose daily tonic for energy and sound health. New, improved formulation with an energy-dense glucose-fructose complex to ensure Pro-Pell Plus is appetising and palatable when horses need a pick-me-up! High levels of work and an intense competition programme can leave some horses feeling fatigued and a little flat . This can also occur when horses are recovering from an illness and struggling to return to their original workload. Pro-Pell Plus is a daily tonic, designed to provide vital micronutrients which are important in key areas for optimum health and performance: High levels of B vitamins: for energy production and appetite stimulation. Bio-available trace minerals: key trace elements important in muscle function and blood building are supplied attached to amino acids or peptides to ensure optimum absorption, including copper, manganese, zinc and a controlled level of iron. Antioxidants: Vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidant micronutrients to help protect muscles cell membranes from oxidative damage which occurs naturally during work. Pro-Pell Plus can be safely fed at the recommended levels in conjunction with most typical feed regimes when horses need that little extra boost!.