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Draper Laser Level Kit with 360? Swivelling Tripod, 400mm

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Leveling Laser from Draper

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Intended for applications demanding consistent and repetitive level measurements, this versatile tool offers precision and convenience. Its applications encompass a wide range, from aligning windows and dado rails to installing kitchen units, stairs, and outdoor leveling tasks.

Featuring both horizontal and vertical vials, this instrument provides an operating distance of 3 to 8 meters with remarkable accuracy at 0.5mm per meter, which translates to 0.029 degrees in the standard position.

Included in the package is a robust, adjustable tripod with a maximum height of 1.18 meters, complete with a 360? rotating base for effortless level mounting. Additionally, the package includes laser enhancement glasses, two brass 90? line-generating glass prisms, and two AAA batteries for your convenience. A comprehensive manual is also provided for easy reference.

All these components are neatly packed within a durable blow-molded carrying case, which features a display sleeve for easy access and organization.

With its tripod offering 360? rotation and the capability to maintain a constant level while facilitating repeated measurements, this tool is ideal for tasks such as ceiling and floor alignment, window installation, dado rail placement, marking anchor holes, and outdoor leveling. It operates efficiently with the supplied AAA batteries, making it a reliable companion for various construction and alignment projects.

Please read the instructions before use.