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Dr. John Silver With Beef And Vegetables 15KG

SKU: GIL002Brand: Dr. John

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Dr. John Silver Beef is a complete feeding stuff specifically for sporting and working adult or senior dogs.

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  • A complete food providing delicious balanced nutrition
  • With beef and vegetables
  • 18% protein\, 6% oils and fats
  • Wholegrain cereals for slow energy release
  • An easily digested and palatable formula
  • Crunchy bite-sized pieces basted with meat juices
  • No added artificial colours\, flavours or sugars!
  • Made in the UK with the finest ingredients
  • Suitable for adult and senior dogs
  • Suitable for all breed sizes


Dr. John Silver Beef is a complete feeding stuff specifically for sporting and working adult or senior dogs. Dr. John Silver Beef can be fed dry, or moistened to the consistency that your dog prefers.

This complete recipe is carefully crafted to provide lower levels of protein, fat, and energy, making it an ideal choice for less active adult dogs and seniors. With balanced levels of healthy protein sourced from chicken (11% chicken), it ensures optimal nutrition without overloading their systems. The wholegrain base in Dr. John Silver delivers slow-releasing carbohydrates, helping to maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day and keeping dogs satisfied with their meals.

The bite-sized kibbles in Dr. John Silver are not only crunchy and delicious but also made with high-quality, natural ingredients. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are no added artificial colors, flavors, or sugars, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious meal for your canine companion.

The composition of Dr. John Silver includes a thoughtfully selected blend of ingredients to support your dog’s overall well-being. It contains wheat, poultry meal (11% chicken), maize, vegetables (4% peas), chicken gravy, chicken fat, minerals, linseed, and yucca extract. Each component plays a specific role in providing essential nutrients, promoting healthy digestion, and supporting their overall health.

Dr. John understands the importance of using premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. That’s why Dr. John Silver is created with a commitment to quality, ensuring that your dog receives a nutritionally balanced and delicious meal.