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SKU: DE-4974/Brand: Deerhunter

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This lightweight waistcoat is not only perfect as an underlayer but equally ideal when worn on its own. With insulation and water-repellent features, it offers a winning combination of warmth and comfort. The main central zipper, a reliable YKK, not only allows for easy adjustment with a drawstring at the bottom but also facilitates a unique feature?the entire vest neatly fits into the inner pocket, making it an ideal companion for all your excursions. Additionally, the vest boasts two front pockets and an inner pocket, all equipped with zippers, ensuring you’ll never be short on storage options.

Key Features:
– Lightweight waistcoat
– YKK zipper at center front
– Two front pockets with zippers
– Inner pocket with zipper
– Vest folds into the inner pocket
– Adjustable bottom with drawstring

Choosing lightweight clothing from Deerhunter guarantees a comfortable hunting experience, offering extra freedom of movement without the burden of added weight.

Insulation plays a crucial role in ensuring your comfort, especially when hunting in very cold temperatures. Opting for hunting apparel with insulation, such as this waistcoat, proves invaluable in keeping you warm. The padding or insulation is specifically designed to maintain a stable body temperature throughout the day, preventing any discomfort caused by the cold.