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Danish Stag Cage Mattress for Dogs

SKU: 33868Brand: Scruffs

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Danish Dog Bed

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Introducing the Danish Design Woodland Stag Cage Mattress for Dogs, available in five different sizes to perfectly fit most standard crates, providing a practical yet luxuriously comfortable bedding solution.

Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the British countryside, this mattress boasts an iconic woodland print featuring majestic stags against a midnight blue backdrop, reminiscent of a serene forest night.

Crafted from a hardwearing fabric, this mattress not only offers optimum comfort inside any dog crate but also makes for a versatile standalone mat suitable for use around your home or even in your car.

Your beloved furry companion will adore their new Danish Design dog bed, where excellence is the norm. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with it too, but remember, this cozy haven is exclusively for your furry friend ? no humans allowed!

With over 30 years of expertise in crafting dog bedding, Danish Design takes pride in producing these masterpieces in the heart of Yorkshire. Their dedication to quality shines through their use of top-notch fabrics that not only look splendid but also perform exceptionally well because only the finest is worthy of your pets and you.

Every single design aspect is carefully considered to ensure that each feature blends seamlessly into your home and even complements your adventures while on the go. With Danish Design, you’re assured of thoughtfully crafted, stylish, and practical pet accessories that go above and beyond to cater to your and your pet’s needs.