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The SIP 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw is a reliable and efficient tool designed for frequent day-to-day use in workshops. Its plug-and-play design ensures solid, safe, and secure cutting, allowing the entire team to work with confidence and maintain smooth production flow.

This versatile cut-off saw is engineered for quick cutting of all ferrous metals, making it an essential addition to any workshop. Its outstanding portability adds to its convenience, facilitating on-site tasks and supporting the preparation of daily cutting lists. The SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty underscores its durability and reliability.

Key Features:

Adjustable Cutting Angle: The integrated mitre function allows users to adjust the cutting angle from 0° to 45°, ensuring a quality finish with every pass of the disc.

Adjustable Heavy-duty Vice: The versatile and secure heavy-duty vice enhances metal handling, providing a stable grip for cutting solid bars, tubes, or angles with confidence.

Easy-to-replace Abrasive Disc: The quick flip guard provides easy access to the retaining bolt, simplifying disc replacement and minimizing downtime. The wrench supplied is housed on the saw base for convenience.

Robust Base for Improved Stability: The solid and robust base ensures stability during frequent handling by workshop teams, providing reliable support throughout the cutting process.

Stronger Head Support with Industrial Grip ‘n’ Trigger: The industrial grip ‘n’ trigger design allows users to exert the necessary pressure for reliable cuts. Built with SIP’s expected quality, the saw facilitates quick and safe cutting for the entire workshop team.