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The Company of Animals offers a puppy training line designed to assist pet owners in teaching good behavior to their puppies. Here are some features and benefits of the puppy training line:

1. Behavior Correction: The training line is designed to help correct undesirable behavior in puppies. It provides a gentle and effective way to guide and train them.

2. Suitable for All Breeds: The training line is suitable for puppies of all breeds, ensuring a versatile solution for various dog types.

3. Easy to Use: Learning to use the training line is simple, making it accessible for pet owners who want to integrate it into their puppy’s daily routine.

4. Lightweight Design: The training line is lightweight, ensuring that puppies won’t be burdened or uncomfortable while wearing it.

5. Long Length: With a length of 2.5 meters, the training line provides ample space for movement while still allowing control during training sessions.

6. Indoor Use: It is effective for indoor use, helping prevent unwanted behaviors such as climbing on furniture or chewing on shoes.

7. Collar or Harness Attachment: The training line can be easily attached to a puppy’s collar or harness for convenience.

8. Redirecting Behavior: When undesirable behavior occurs, the training line can be used to stop movement or redirect the puppy’s attention to a positive activity.

Overall, the Company of Animals’ puppy training line offers a humane and practical approach to puppy training, ensuring a positive learning experience for both the pet and the owner.