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Burgess Kitten Complete British Chicken 1.5KG

SKU: 19301Brand: Burgess

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Burgess Kitten Complete British Chicken is suitable for kittens up to one year of age and has specially designed small kibble to suit a kitten’s bite-size.

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  • Suitable for kittens from 4 weeks
  • Healthy bones and teeth support
  • Rich in British Chicken
  • For little immune systems
  • For young growing muscles


Our tasty Burgess Kitten food has been specially formulated to help little paws grow! Playful and curious, the whole world is an adventure for your kitten. It?s also a time to ensure they are getting the right balance of nutrients as they grow.This unique complete growth support recipe contains all the essential nutrients your kitten needs to grow into adulthood. It?s also suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers which helps to support growth and development throughout pregnancy and ease the transition to dry food for healthy and content kittens.Growth support for mothers and kittensFor growing bones and teeth ? Fortified with calcium to support growing bones and teethImmune support – Contains antioxidants to support your kitten?s immune systemSkin and coat – Essential fatty acids help to support healthy skin and a shiny coatDigestive development – Formulated with prebiotics to support the developing digestive systemMuscle formation – Digestible proteins and essential amino acids to support muscle development