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Introducing the Modena Riding Boot, crafted from high-quality synthetic leather, making it an ideal choice for your everyday riding needs. The boot is equipped with FL3 Technology, a unique rubber sole designed with three flex zones that move and flex alongside your foot, providing a natural and glove-like fit.

The durable rubber sole of the Modena features a rub-guard, adding an extra layer of protection to your boots and saddle against excessive wear and tear. The rubber sole is complemented by an elasticated panel along the zip, ensuring a snug fit to the leg.

FL3 Technology enhances the riding experience by mimicking the anatomical movement of the foot, promoting flexibility and comfort throughout your equestrian activities.

Synthetic leather offers several advantages, including minimal aftercare, excellent value for money, and an animal-friendly alternative. The Modena is an ideal choice for vegans and riders seeking a low-maintenance option for their everyday riding adventures. The synthetic leather construction allows for easy cleaning with just soapy water, making it a practical and convenient choice for riders on the go. While synthetic leather may not replicate the natural beauty of traditional leather, its numerous benefits make the Modena Riding Boot a reliable and versatile option for riders seeking durability and functionality in their riding footwear.