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  • Traditional Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream 227ml Since 1760
  • Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream cares for both antique and fine modern furniture. This traditional Beeswax Polish was first formulated in 1760 and has been used by restorers, collectors and householders ever since.
  • Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream cares for and adds lustre to all types of wood. Regular use will ensure an improving finish.
  • here are NO Silicones or Artificial Additives in Stones Beeswax Furniture Polish, it contains only the finest beeswax, white spirit, pure soap and essential oils, which are combined with water into an emulsion to produce the distinctive soft cream.
  • This combination ensures that Stone`s has both cleaning and polishing properties while imparting a fresh scent that is reminiscent of the days of great houses and furniture regularly cared for by household staff.