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Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care for Cars, Motorhomes and Vans


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Car, Van and Motorhome Vinyl & Rubber Care in 500ml spray bottle

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Similar to how paintwork requires protection, your interior surfaces also deserve safeguarding. Over time, the sun’s effects can lead to fading, drying, and cracking of these surfaces. Our Vinyl & Rubber Care solution is designed to ensure the preservation of these areas. You can apply it to achieve either a glossy or subtle finish, and it boasts a refreshing lemon fragrance.

This user-friendly formula effectively and gently cleans while establishing a protective barrier, effectively rejuvenating and safeguarding faded plastic and rubber surfaces.

Moreover, Vinyl & Rubber Care excels in revitalizing your engine. Following a thorough cleaning with our Engine & Machine Cleaner, simply spray Vinyl & Rubber Care over a damp engine surface and allow it to air dry.

Pro Tip: During freezing weather, consider applying the solution to your rubber door seals to prevent them from sticking.

Please read the product safety info before use.