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Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine


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500ml bottle of ultra deep shine

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Ultra Deep Car Shine formula serves as a specialized polish crafted for application on black and dark-colored vehicles afflicted with pronounced swirling, delicate scratches, or holograms. It’s produced by Autoglym and is designed for darker colours.

This remarkable product operates as an integrated solution, combining the functions of polishing and protection into one step. Consequently, it’s important to note that using Ultra Deep Shine should exclude subsequent application of Extra Gloss Protection, Ultra High Definition Wax, or Ultra High Definition Coating.

Pro Tip: To prevent extended drying on the paintwork, it’s recommended to apply the product onto a panel, allow it to dry momentarily, and then promptly buff it off. Moreover, if Super Resin Polish is already applied, the use of Ultra Deep Shine becomes unnecessary.

Please read the safety leaflet before use.?