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Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection


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325ml Bottle of Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

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Extra Gloss Protection is used for protecting paintwork as a sealant and as the name suggests, it is highly glossy.

Surfaces that have been safeguarded with sealants exhibit a heightened ease of maintenance, as dirt encounters difficulty adhering to the sleek surface.

It’s important to understand that Extra Gloss Protection operates differently from a polish; therefore, it won’t eliminate or enhance the look of scratches, swirls, or lackluster paint. For addressing these issues, it’s advisable to begin with Super Resin Polish before employing Extra Gloss Protection, which serves to preserve the newfound luster.

For optimal results, apply this product onto clean and polished paintwork, thereby extending the longevity of your glossy finish.

Pro Tip: The use of this formula negates the necessity of applying wax additionally.

Please read the safety info before use.