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A-Hot Flameless Pocket Hand Warmer


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Keep yourself warm indoors or outdoors with this fantastic A-Hot pocket warmer.

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  • Easy to light and perfectly safe while in use
  • Light up with a match or lighter
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Long life design
  • The platinum catalyst flameless technology ensures easy lighting and comfortable temperatures


The A-Hot Pocket Handwarmer is a sleek and compact handwarmer that fits easily into a pocket. The platinum-catalyzed glass fibre burner offers quick and sure lighting. The warmer works by producing a radiant heat without flames, a process by which evaporated lighter fluid and oxygen react with the internal platinum catalysis glass fibre. It is an ideal item for skiers, golfers, hunters, fishermen, lumberjacks and just about anyone who is frequently out in the cold. The A-Hot Pocket Warmer gives comfortable continuous warmth for 0-12 hours based on a single filling. This pocket warmer also includes a warmer bag, filling cup and complete instructions.