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Joules Bee Print Box Bed Small

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Introducing the Joules Bee Dog Print Box Pet Bed, an ideal haven for your canine companion to unwind. Joules and Rosewood have joined forces to create the ‘Exclusive Joules Pet Collection’ Bee Print, a harmonious blend of their core brand strengths, British luxury, and a commitment to crafting products that embody quality and expertise.

This unique bed features a Joules Bee Print design with a reversible plush cushion for a touch of versatility. The bed is generously padded on all sides, ensuring both warmth and exceptional comfort for your pet. The non-slip base provides stability, preventing any unwanted shifting.

For accurate sizing, measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. Add approximately 15cm to this measurement to guarantee ample space. It’s essential to consider your dog’s sleeping position, and when in doubt, opt for a larger size for optimal comfort.