Top Tips for Getting Your Garden in Shape This Spring

Spring is the best time to bring life and energy back into your garden. With the winter cold thawing away, it is time to embrace the spring days by getting outside into the garden. This is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the summer days ahead and get some fresh air along the way.

Garden Tidy Up – Remove those leaves


Enjoy the first of the Spring days by spending time in your garden, in preparation for the summer months ahead. Clean up your garden, removing those leaves and remains of plants, leaving you with a lovely clear lawn. A great way to do this is with a leaf blower or vacuum

Leaf blowers and vacuums make it easy and quick to collect up those fallen leaves and plant debris. A leaf blower will blow the leaves, allowing you to clear the lawn or pathways. Once collected into a neat pile, you can then pick the leaves up to dispose of. However a vacuum makes this process even easier, by sucking the leaves up into a collection bag, making it simpler to dispose of them. Some models have both the blower and vacuum functions, such as the STIHL SHE 71 Multi-Functional Electric Hand Held Blower and Vacuum.

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Lawn Makeover

As winter thaws away, your grass starts to grow, this is when you can give it it's first cut. Make sure you are using the lawn mower with its blades on the highest setting, so that you don’t do any damage. We have a great range of walk behind and ride-on lawn mowers, to meet all your requirements.

Walk behind lawn mowers are the perfect tool for cutting your lawn on smaller sized gardens. Whilst ride-on lawn mowers are ideal for keeping much larger garden or commercial spaces looking in tip top condition. They will save you time and effort thanks to their powerful and efficient engines. With excellent maneuverability, speed and collection or mulch options, we stock the machine that is suitable for you.

Spring is also a great time to start feeding your grass, giving it a helping hand to become healthy for the summer months.

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Clean Patios and Decking

Winter can leave your driveways, patios and decking areas looking a bit worse for wear. A great way to clean them is by using a pressure washer

Pressure washers are quick and easy way to keep on top of your decking and patios, without using as much water as a standard hose pipe. It is very important you know what you will be using your pressure washer for before buying so you are sure you know exactly which model suits your needs. It is important to consider water pressure and water flow. The higher the bar (water pressure) the more powerful the pressure washer.

We stock a great range of pressure washers and jet washers, to help you find the perfect cleaning solution to meet your needs. These include both petrol and electric models for domestic and professional users. View the range here: Pressure Washers


Pruning is the way you make room for new growth on your plants. Doing this at the right time is important to ensure your plants get a new burst of life. This can vary depending on the plants, shrubs and flowers in your garden.

Removing dead and damaged stems as soon as you see them is the best way of keeping your plants healthy. Dead stems can attract insects which can lead to diseases developing. Having a good pair of garden secateurs or shears on hand will make pruning easy. We have a great range of pruning and cutting gardening tools here: Pruning and Cutting

Pruning plants

Garden Fencing Refresh

Give your garden fencing and decking a refresh. The winter months can make your decking and fencing look tired and worn, so treating it to a new coat of paint will help bring it all back to life and make your garden look even healthier.

Remember when painting to ensure you choose a dry, warm day, to ensure the paint covers well and has time to try. You don’t want all your hard work ruined by the rain setting in! We stock a wide range of exterior wood care products, from decking oil, furniture stain and fence paint. View our range here: Exterior Woodcare

Garden Fencing