The STIHL KombiSystem

The STIHL Kombi System will help you with whichever task you’re doing. Whether its hedge trimming, grass trimming, clearing up, sawing wood and more. It’s the perfect choice for the professional, the domestic user or for work in an allotment. It’s designed so you can pick and mix between multiple tools and multiple engines that works perfectly for you.

Here at Torne Valley, we have a good mix of engines and tools to get you started, but there are many things to consider. How often will you be using it and what size area are you going to need to cover? Is this for your own domestic use or is it for a busy gardening business that needs more grunt?


The entry-level option is the KM 56 RC-E - this engine is a fantastic choice for medium-sized gardens. It’s lightweight and thanks to ErgoStart technology which reduces the effort needed to start it by half, it's extremely easy to get going. It also has STIHLs 2-MIX engine, which is highly efficient and gives off much less harmful emissions compared to a standard 2-stroke petrol engine.

For the larger garden, the KM 94 RC-E is a much better option. It has all the features of the KM 56 RC-E, however, it also features an ECOSPEED power control too so you can easily control the speed of the engine from the button on the handle.

Both of the above engines come with a basic harness as standard which helps to support the machine when carrying out trickier tasks.

For professionals, the KM 131 R is a perfect choice. It's highly powerful and now features an updated STIHL 4-MIX engine. It's extremely simple to use and offers maximum versatility to the end-user. The fuel tank is also much larger than the domestic tools because as we all know, time is money, and increased running time can only be a bonus!


Kombi System Attachments

The STIHL Kombi tool attachments can be fitted to most of the engines available. These are premium, professional tools which provide a top-quality finish.

But what attachments should you choose? Well, this is the best bit, you can pick and choose exactly what you need depending on the job description!

Grass Trimming

If you’re needing to trim grasses, weeds or scrubland then you’ll want to take a look at one of the brushcutter attachments. These are listed below.

FS-KM brushcutter This tool uses an AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head with nylon line and should be used for clearing grass or weeds along walls or fences, under hedges or along paths.

MB-KM brushcutter This attachment features a grass-cutting blade, which is made of steel and is for mowing tough, dry grass or reeds.


Cleaning Up

If you’re wanting to use the STIHL KombiSystem for cleaning up in your garden or allotment then there are a couple of options for you.

The KB-KM bristle brush is the first option. This makes cleaning dirt from paced areas, such as paths or driveways an absolute breeze. It features stiff bristles and a backwards rotating brush with a guard to stop dirt or debris flicking all over you as you work.

The next option is for cleaning leaves. The BG-KM blower attachment. This turns your KombiEngine into a blower which easily clears leaves and grass clippings. You can also get a curved flat nozzle for the attachment, which makes it much easier to clear wet, compact leaves.


Hedge Trimming or Pruning

If you want to trim your hedge or prune tree branches then there are plenty of options here.

HL-KM 0º hedge trimmer - This long-reach hedge trimmer attachment has a fixed angle head that makes it ideal for regular maintenance of tall or wide hedges.

HL-KM 145º hedge trimmer - For a more flexible (literally!) option, this hedge trimmer attachment can be adjusted in increments up to 145º without using tools. This makes it easy to trim across the top of tall hedges, or even close to the ground.

HT-KM pole pruner - For pruning thicker branches, this long-reach pole pruner can cut through high branches in seconds. It has a 30cm guide bar with a ¼”P Picco Micro 3 saw chain for precise cutting.

STIHL HT-KM Pole Pruner

More Options

And that's not all you can do with a KombiEngine. There are a couple of other tools that could prove useful, particularly if you have an allotment to keep on top of.

The BF-KM pick tine is designed for cultivating and aerating the soil, it's great for digging over vegetable beds. 

The other Kombi tool which can help in the garden is the FCB-KM edge trimmer. This is a curved shaft edging tool that makes it simple to edge along paths, driveways or flower beds. It features an adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade which gives you a handy sightline to make it easy to get the neatest edges in little to no time at all!

Whatever jobs you need to complete in your garden or allotment, the STIHL KombiSystem has you covered.

This information was taken from the STIHL Blog on their KombiSystem. For more information on STIHL products, you can visit their website at