We stock a wide range of machinery for domestic and workshop users such as generators, pressure washers, compressors, welders and much more from big-name brands such as SIP, STIHL Hitachi, HiKOKI and CTEK.

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  • Pressure Washers

    We stock a great range of pressure washers and jet washers so you can find the perfect cleaning solution for your needs, these might include cleaning your patio, your car, windows or decking. We stock both petrol and electric models, from manufacturers such as STIHL and more. They are available for both domestic and professional users. It is very important you know what you will be using your pressure washer for before buying as to make sure you know exactly which suits your needs.

  • Water Pumps

    Shop a range of submersible pumps which are suitable for pumping dirty or clean water and can be used to help drain flood water, clear out garden ponds or to stop foundations from becoming submerged. The range of sub pumps below are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

  • Fuel Pumps & Accessories

    At Torne Valley we stock the necessities for wanting to pump your own fuel on a farm. A range of fuel pumps and a range of Jerry cans for storing this fuel.

  • Generators


  • Compressors
  • Heaters


  • Battery Chargers
  • Welders & Cutters

    Welders are used to fusing two pieces of metal together by melting them at high temperatures using an electrical current. Wether welding is your hobby or part of your job we have a range of welders and accessories to suit.

  • Drills & Drivers

    Drills & Drivers

  • Saws & Grinders

    Saws & Grinders

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Showing 1 - 18 of 24 items