Shop an extensive range of garden product at Torne Valley. From wheelbarrows to hoses, garden tools, gravel Calor gas, compost and much more from trusted brands. Take a look for yourself.

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  • Wheelbarrows

    Wheelbarrows are essential! They help you move heavy loads whether it be at home in the garden, at a work site or in the equestrian yard. We stock a range of wheelbarrows of various sizes to suit a variety of different jobs. One wheel or two, big or small, the choice is yours to suit your individual needs. All of our wheelbarrows come assembled however if you need one in bits, we should be able to help!

  • Garden Hose Reels and...

    Part of looking after your garden involves keeping it all well watered. This will help to keep it looking fresh during those hot summer months. We stock a large range of hose, hose reels and watering accessories like spray guns, sprinklers and more from trusted brands such as Claber and Hozelock which make doing this a breeze.

  • Sprayers

    Sprayers come in different shapes and sizes, they are reliable and economical pieces of equipment suitable for the dispersion of fluid onto a material or plant, such as spraying weed killer over a small patch of land. Trigger sprayers are the smaller hand held sprayers which are ideally suited to use on smaller patches of land or garden pots or smaller materials maybe in a workshop. Pressure and Knapsack sprayers are designed to treat larger surfaces. We stock a wide range of knapsack and handheld sprayers, suitable for both domestic and professional use from leading brands such as Cooper Pegler, STIHL and many more.

  • Garden Tools

    Shop our fantastic range of garden tools online or in-store. With big-name brands like Darlac, Spear & Jackson and carters, we're sure to have a tool for whatever job you need doing.

  • Fencing and Timber

    Take a look at our range of garden fencing and timber. Fencing provides great privacy and security, it also helps to change the appearance of your garden and outdoor space. We stock a range of fence panels, wooden and concrete fence posts, gates and timber which are available at all three of our branches at Tickhill, Bakewell and Epworth.

  • Picnic, Firepits &...

    Shop a range of a la carte dining accessories including picnic blankets, chairs, cool bags, barbecues and much more! From fantastic brands like Joules and Torne Valley.

  • Decorative Stones &...

    Decorative Stones and Chippings are an easy option to help to achieve a beautiful garden or outdoor space. We stock a range of decorative aggregates for uses such as driveways, garden paths or in fish ponds. We also keep a small range of stones and slabs.

  • Compost & Topsoil

    Shop our great range of compost, top-soil and bark chippings which will help to provide a fantastic base to get your plants growing. Compost is nutrient-rich and can be used in many ways to help condition your soil and garden.

  • Lawn & Plant Care

    Take care of your garden with our lawn and plant care range. 

  • Calor Gas

    Torne Valley keeps a wide range of Calor Gas Cylinders in stock across all branches! Propane, Butane, FLT and Patio Gas are all stocked ready to go! Wether you need a new hire or just a refill, Torne Valley has you covered!

  • Furniture

    Garden furniture

  • Pots & Planters

    Garden pots and planters

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Showing 1 - 18 of 26 items